Advanced Competency Trainings for Organizations

Gain knowledge online. Learn skills in-person. 

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Our Courses

  • We crafted our courses to cover all of the topics in Virginia's advanced competencies for DSP and DSP supervisors. 


(Hybrid Course)

  • Characteristics of Autism
  • Using visual schedules
  • Vocational assessments
  • Common social skills deficit 


(Hybrid Course)

  • Common functions of behavior
  • Effects of trauma
  • Data collection methods
  • Behavior support plans
  • Behavior management strategies


(Fully Online Course)

  • Navigate DBHDS Advanced competency checklists
  • Unpack the content in everyday language
  • Assess DSP competency using multiple methods
  • Using PBC University's Cheat Sheet document

After the online modules...

Skill Session Options:

PBC Trainer

One of our licensed behavior analysts will train your staff directly at your location. This in-person skill session will be at no additional cost to your organization.


If your organization already has a trainer on staff, we're introducing a train-the-trainer model for our skill sessions. We provide a 60% discount towards the online modules for staff at participating organizations.

How it works

Here's the process for our hybrid courses.

1. Enroll

Managers send us a form with staff names and email addresses. We enroll them and provide them with support throughout the process. 

2. Track

Managers tracks staff progress in the portal. They can see real-time information on progress, quiz scores, and time spent on the modules.

3. Attend

Staff attend in-person skill sessions so they can learn the skills needed to perform at a high-level on the job.

4. Complete

After staff complete the online modules and the in-person skill sessions, they will receive certificates. Staff and managers can download the certificates from their PBC University accounts.

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