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We specifically designed our adult service settings courses to cover all of the topics in Virginia's advanced competencies for DSP and DSP supervisors.  So why wait? Start your personalized learning journey today and enroll in one of our courses that are made just for you!
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DSPs & Supervisors

Advanced Competencies 

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How it works

Here's the process for our hybrid courses:

1. Enroll

Managers send us a form with staff names and email addresses. We enroll them and provide them with support throughout the process. 

2. Track

Managers tracks staff progress in the portal. They can see real-time information on progress, quiz scores, and time spent on the modules.

3. Learn

Staff gain knowledge through our online modules. Our online module content includes short, consumable video segments of our expert presenters interspersed with comprehension questions.
Pre-test and post-test assessments will allow supervisors to track knowledge acquisition and retention.

4. Complete

After staff complete the online modules they will receive certificates. Staff and managers can download the certificates from their PBC University accounts.

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